Top 5 fascinating things to do you should try in Bagan


Bagan is a city of breathtaking beauty in Myanmar. If you have chance to visit this amazing city, do not miss to try these experiences.

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Wake up early for the sunrise

The early bird gets the worm in Bagan, as one of the best times to view the amazing Bagan Archaeological Zone is at sunrise. Visitors will likely have to get up at 4:30 a.m. or so to give themselves enough time to get to the temple of their choice to watch the sun come up.

Sunrise in Bagan (via Access Travel)

There are some popular temple destinations in which the majority of tourists seem to flock to for this stunning affair; however, it is better if they sort out an off-the-beaten-path temple to frequent, as one too many people all trying to get a photograph of the same thing can certainly be a frustrating endeavor. There are thousands of temples and pagodas scattered across the plains of Bagan, giving people plenty of options.

Cycle to the temples and pagodas on an electric bike

Myanmar is leading the way to a more greener form of exploring cities with loads of electric bikes, or e-bikes, available in Bagan. Visitors cannot venture far into the city without seeing an e-bike shop lining one of the dusty roads in town. This form of transportation is almost identical to mopeds, except for the fact that they run on batteries as opposed to gasoline. In addition to being better for the environment, they are extremely quiet and do not go as fast as their noisy counterparts. The absence of the roar of an engine makes riding along the winding, dirt roads to visit all the temples certainly a relaxing experience.

Explore temples in Bagan by bicycle (via LookIwasThere)

Go on a free tour of the archaeological ruins

The Bagan Archaeological Zone is some 26 square miles (67 square kilometers) in size. These amazing ruins dot the city in the most random and odd of fashion, with no rhyme or reason as to why the religious structures sit where they do. How do visitors know which of the thousands are worth visiting? Ostello Bello, a hostel located in New Bagan, offers those who stay there a free tour of the archaeological ruins with their tour guide.

Eat authentic Burmese cuisine

Tasting Burmese cuisine (via Messy Vegetarian Cook)

Cuisine does not get much better than what the locals in Bagan are cooking up in the many eateries found around the city. From streetside shops equipped with nothing but a chef and some plastic seating to European-Burmese fusion restaurants serving up some unique finds, there is a restaurant or stall ready to please all appetites in this historic city. Some of the best restaurants in town include Weather Spoon’s Bagan, Be Kind to Animals the Moon, and Seven Sisters Restaurant. Myanmar has a number of famous dishes, so be sure to try at least one of these before leaving this fascinating country.

Get the best views of Bagan’s sunset

Bagan’s sunset (via Revealing World)

As incredible as the sunrise is over the Bagan Archaeological Zone, the sunset is seemingly even more incredible, and visitors do not have to get up at an ungodly hour to capture a photograph of it. Head to any one of the religious structures at around 5:30 p.m. in order to watch as the sun falls over the rustic, red-brown temples and stupas that dot the desolate plains of Bagan. For those on an e-bike, be sure to head back to your accommodation as soon as the sun sets; the bugs seemingly all come out after dark and love nosediving into drivers as they zip back home.

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