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Wherever you go in Myanmar, whether it be cruising down the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River in style, drifting over the ancient city of Bagan by hot air balloon, or searching for that elusive tiger on the back of an elephant, there is always a feeling of adventure. With two modern internal airlines upgrading and expanding their networks, new and exciting destinations off the beaten track are gradually being opened.

Myanmar retains approximately 50% of its natural forest cover, and with strictly enforced protection, is on the way to becoming a haven for eco-tourism and true adventure travel. In the far south in the Mergui Archipelago, great care is being taken to preserve one of the last untouched tropical underwater paradises, which is already attracting attention as a world class diving destination. Meanwhile, right at the other end of this amazing land of contrast, cool temperate forests dramatically give way to pristine snow capped mountains, and a land of dwindling hill tribes and rare and exotic wildlife.

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